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Cobblestone Memory Foam Bathroom Mat

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Ultra soft and fluffy
an incomparable feeling of softness. The pebbles hug the arch of the foot and store the heat from the floor heating systems with one goal in mind: your comfort.

Instant absorption
Showering multiple times without flooding the bathroom is no longer a dream as it absorbs water three times faster than other cotton bath mats.

Is it really anti-slip?
Safety is at the center of our attention. That's why our bath mat is designed to stay where it's placed and not anywhere else. So, now we challenge you to make it slide!


  • For your safety, the underside of the mat has an innovative anti-slip PVC material that is truly effective on all types of floors. tile, parquet, etc.

  • We have designed it to be ultra-resistant to machine washing and drying. It will remain soft and effective for life, just like the first day!

Package included:
1x Cobblestone Memory Foam Bathroom Mat.