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Time Markers Motivational Water Bottle

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Motivational Quote & Time Markers:
With the unique inspirational quote and time markers, this water bottle is designed to remind you to drink enough required water intake daily and ensures you stay hydrated and healthy. A must-have for any fitness goals including weight loss and overall health.

Pop Up Lid & Leakproof
The lid is designed with secure lock and dust cover, it is dust-proof and leak-proof. The button design allows you to easily open the bottle cap with one hand and drink in time. The bottle mouth has a silicone stopper, which is 100% leak-proof.


1.Water helps to maximize physical performance

2.Drinking more water can help with weight loss easier

3.Drinking plenty of water can help prevent and relieve constipation

4.Drink more water make your work or sports more efficient

5.Hydration can decrease the frequency of headaches

Package Included:
1x Time Markers Motivational Water Bottle