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LED Buns Silicone Soft Colourful Night Light

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LED Buns Silicone Soft Colourful Night Light
Get this adorable bun night light for your children's room, living room, bedroom, or anywhere in the home! Perfect as a gift to family or friends! This cute light comes with different color modes that can be controlled by a light pat! 

Colorful Kids Night Light
7 color mode breathing cloud light, open through the bottom switch, pat can switch modes, warm light - white light - breathing mode - fixed color mode, very interesting cloud lamp very popular with children. Cloud lights for the bedroom help your child get a full night's rest, which means Mom and Dad will also get a restful night’s sleep. No longer worried about struggling with bedtime! Just take a cloud lamp for your child!


  • Battery-operated design, you don't need to buy batteries
  • This baby night light is soft enough that turning on lights in the middle of the night won't interfere with your kids‘ sleep.
  • It is more of a "glow" effect which is calming that your little one feels comfortable enough to not be scared of the dark.

Material: Soft silicone
Power ON/OFF: Touch- pat the light to turn it on and off, and control color changes!
Light Source: LED Bulbs- USB cable powered
Size: 12.5 x 9.5cm 

Package Included:
LED Buns Silicone Soft Colourful Night Light