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Waterproof Wood Pattern Wallpaper

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Easy to use
black marble wallpaper, self-adhesive and removable, quick and easy to apply, cut to the desired size, just peel and stick. If there are bubbles, you can choose to pierce them with a needle to remove the air inside.

Great for craft projects Place marble contact paper on smooth surfaces, such as cabinets, countertops, notebooks, and even walls. Make sure the wallpaper is peeled off and sticky, which lies flat and stays flat when using. Press the black marble wallpaper with a dry towel to fix it.


  • Realistic effect Ultra-realistic black marble texture
  • Easy to clean Water and oil resistant for easy maintenance
  • Self-adhesive wallpaper No extra glue is required, just peel and use
  • Recyclable Easy to remove and leaves no marks on the used

Package Included:
1x Waterproof Wood Pattern Wallpaper