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Blocs-notes sur le thème de la nature

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Blocs-notes sur le thème de la nature

Style: Blocs-notes, 6 styles
Taille: 50x15mm
Quantité: 5 motifs x20. 100 pièces au total
Matériel: Notes autocollantes en papier double adhésif

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Owen Langosh

Stickers are cute, really liked Well sealed. I will try, I hope they will keep well.

Erik Harris

Recommend. I did not communicate with the seller. But I will deliver 4. it was ordered on June 23. 12 IBL goods came. Was sent expedited delivery together with other goods.

General Morissette

In general, the parcel came very quickly, days for 10 somewhere, but I could not get there and pick up: D and all the way the parcel was fully tracked, which was not very very What about the goods... Beauty and kind of sticky enough: D

Zackery Murray

Beautiful bookmarks. Profit fast enough. I'm happy with the purchase. Now classes will be a little more pleasant. Thank you very much to the seller for the quality and good goods.