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Hair Cleaning Brush

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pets grooming cat dog brush! Whether you're a pet owner or groomer, you deserve to have this undercoat shedding tool kit slicker pet grooming BRUSH. hot developed ergonomic and durable non-slip rubber handle provides comfort and ease. The grooming kit can be used on Small, Medium, and Large short/ long-haired animals. You'll find it so fun and relaxing to groom your DOG cat.

Brushing your pet shouldn’t be a difficult job. That’s why we’ve designed our brush to be extremely user-friendly. The ergonomic handle includes a silicone, slip-resistant grip that is comfortable to use. and helps to provide an easier experience for you and your pet . Easily decide your pet's undercoat whether short, medium or long, thick or thin without any pain or fuss and quickly.

Pets Love This Brush

  • Have fun bonding with your pet as you dash and clean them!
  • Not only does this brush do the job, pets truly love to be brushed with it.
  • And it's nice for them too. It improves blood flow while cleaning and detangling hair.

Easy to use

  1. PRESS & EXTEND: Click the button to release the bristles
  2. HANDS-FREE: no need to hold the button while you brush
  3. PRESS & RETRACT: Click the button again to retract the bristles
  4. EASY CLEAN: Simply wipe the loose hair off!

Package Included:
1x Hair Cleaning Brush