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Spirited Piggy With Sound Effects

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Appearance & Sound Effects
The Spirited Piggy is designed to look like a cute and playful pig, with bright colors and a cartoonish style. One of the key features of this toy is its sound effects. When squeezed or pressed, the piggy makes a variety of noises, including oinks, giggles, and snorts, which adds to the fun and interactivity of the toy.

Durable: Despite its soft material, the Spirited Piggy is also durable and can withstand rough play and frequent use.

Interactive Play: The sound effects and soft material make Spirited Piggy perfect for interactive play. Children can use their imagination to create stories and games around the piggy, making it a great toy for social and creative play.


  • Unique design inspired by the character "No-Face" from the "Spirited Away" movie
  • Can hold coins and act as a coin bank
  • Has movement features - No-Face will take your coin when placed on the tray
  • Includes sound effects from the movie
  • Made with high-quality materials for durability
  • Requires batteries (not included) to operate the movement and sound effects features.

Package Included:
1x Spirited Piggy With Sound Effects